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Youth Program

The Youth Employment & Training Program assists youth ages 16 to 24 with work experience, training, and academic enrichment services. 

Work Experience
Would you like the chance to work at a short-term job in a real world work environment? Wouldn’t it be great if that job gave you the chance to develop marketable job skills, get good references, and improve your work history?  That’s what happens for our youth program participants.  We do our best to place you at a worksite based on your career interests (and location if you have transportation issues) where your supervisors will assign daily tasks and mentor you for the duration of your work experience.  Your paycheck comes from Career T.R.A.C.K., but you will work and be supervised by someone at an approved work site.

While participating in the youth program, you will also attend training classes focused on helping you find and keep a job once your work experience is finished.  Additionally, you may have the opportunity to gain and/or improve your customer service skills by participating in special training in this field.  You will even have the chance to be accredited in customer service by taking and passing a certification exam from the National Retailer Federation at the end of the training. Funding may also be available to assist you in attending an occupational skills training that leads to a post secondary credential. These training services will assist you in securing employment in high-demand occupations.

Academic Enrichment
If you didn't graduate from high school, then you will be required to attend classes as part of your participation. The classes will prepare you to take the GED exam so that you don't lose out on a job opportunity because you lack your high school diploma. If you have your high school diploma but test below a 9th grade level in reading or math, then you will also attend classes to help you improve in one or both subject areas. Again, we don't want you to miss out on job opportunities because of your academic levels.


“It’s a good program. I’m getting some job experience to put on a resume.” – Matthew D.

“It’s given me the skills to actually work, to listen to my boss, and do what you’re supposed to do.” –Kim B.

Eligibility Requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Training Providers

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Additional job seeker tools and services.

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